November 27th, 2005

The joyful day!

Some website updates

I finally got the Paypal button to work on the Some See The Glass Half Empty page. And I inserted links to ZZZ Records and Dodeka's con schedule page. So every place you can buy it is now represented in a more logical way on the web.
The joyful day!

Now THAT was fun

Crank Generation
Only Coffee House In Town
Trophy Wife
Nice Guys
How Can I Miss You?

Everything ran very well, very smooth, no problems with my hands, even starting with a burner like Crank Generation. Two of the sunday boys spurred me on, the rest of the audience looked on slightly appalled (they liked it though).

I was going to be done after How Can I Miss You?, but Pete made me do one more. WYSIWYG was a little terse, but fun. The rest of the set went great.

I needed that