December 11th, 2005

The joyful day!

A question for the guitarists

I am sitting here at a very cool cafe in Des Moines waiting for the other folks for the old time jam. I stopped at a friends and couldnt stay because I wanted my guitar to have a chance to warm up a bit, since he's been in the trunk all morning.

So there is the question. I call him a He. Both of my guitars I refer to as He.

Do your guitars have a gender, do they have a name?

Just curious.

I refer to the Martin as Martin. He's a regular guy, a working guy. He's got a manly sort of voice and attitude.

I refer to the Takamine as Prince Tisanne (and a winky button to anyone who can come up with the logic that led me to that name). He's showier, more flamboyant..
The joyful day!

A musical day

I went to the record show this morning. Nice, saw a few folks I don't see often, showed off the new comps. Only bought one CD, which was my limit.

After a quick stop at a friends to return some CDs I went to the old time jam. Two solid hours of guitar playing. I need to do this more often. My fingers are screaming, but in a good way.

Came home and crashed out for awhile, then went to Boheme.

It was a very low key night and I responded with a very low key set.

Only Coffee House In Town (slow motion mix)
Hand Above The Water
Hides (the really slow motion mix)

It was a nice, quiet, pleasant way to end the weekend. Got a great response after Hides.