December 15th, 2005

The joyful day!

That year in review thang

I'm sitting here at home, a much needed day of relaxation.

Ok. I'm asking everyone here.

Ok, here's the deal

I loved this guy's comedy.

And the winner is - The mother of all ... well ..

I just read an entry ... and had a serious Ferris Bueller moment

The start of the weekend.

I am listening to stuff from my misspent youth today.

Filk Gets Wired

From filkertom via a lot of his friends, and I bet/hope many others:

Because he points out that there is a perfume called Hummer

So I am back into the pain meds and water scene.
The joyful day!

Billy Joes tonight

Three songs, since there weren't many performers.

Bang My Bald Spot - The best version of the patter ever.
Trophy Wife - Nice, there was this very cute girl right down front, and the end of the 2nd chorus hurt her, I mean really hurt her. In a good way though.
Crank Generation - Nice and relaxed again. It's back in the set again after a long retirement. Probably not for cons, since it's pretty darn brutal, but I think I need to do this more often.

Oddly enough I worked on serious stuff this afternoon. Worked on Jordan Cochrane and The One I Chased Away (it needs to get back in the set as well, I forgot how much I like that song)