January 5th, 2006

The joyful day!


I've gotten a couple of these over the last few months, one from England and now this one.

Can, I please have a autographed photo or cd cover?
god bless and that all your dreams come true! I have a blood disorder that
affects my immune system ,had since birth and I cannott afford much!
I love to read books.Your so talented.Love your music !

Wonder where he ran into my music ...
The joyful day!

The English Beat

I am still missing a few songs to make my collection complete, but I just listened to Jackpot from their first LP.

There are few more joyful songs.

Gonna be bouncing around all afternoon ...
The joyful day!

It's just wrong

Barry Gibb buys Johnny Cash's house

"This place will always be the spiritual home for the Cashes. My wife, Linda, and I are determined to preserve it to honor their memory. We fell in love with it. It's an incredible honor for us. We plan to use the home to write songs because of the musical inspiration."

I do find it amusing that the article has a picture of Maurice Gibb. I also find it sad that I knew that.

correction: It's Robin Gibb, Maurice is dead ... maybe I'm ok after all