March 6th, 2006

The joyful day!

Oh ...

Dumb dumb dumb ...

One very important thanks I forgot

John, the hardest working soundman in fandom ... and one of the best soundman I have ever met ... thanks for making us all sound so good
The joyful day!

The swag

Ya know, I would have paid for the trip if I hadn't bought so damn many CDs.

Here is what is on my desk right now ...

First the free CD
Sudden Death Live From Marscon

And the other stuff
Worm Quartet Live DVD & Sumophobia II
Tom Smith - Last Hero On Earth pre-release
The Nick Atoms S/T, In the 25th Century and the Christmas Record (in which I complete my collection)
Raymond And Scum - Suck
DJ Particle - Shiny Round Thing Inside (it was a trade)
Hot Waffles - Ready To Laugh? We Don't Care (I could only afford one, but I gotta get the rest)
And One More !!!, I gotta look at the whole desk next time
Laughter Is A Powerful Weapon (that first one)

Now it's time to annoy my co-workers !!!