March 21st, 2006

The joyful day!

Everybody talks about the weather ...

So there was this massive endo of the world snowstorm yesterday ...

Or at least that is what the weather report said

So I took off early today to get to Omaha early ... for no reason at all

The roads were clear, there were no problems, so part one of the journey went fine

More later
The joyful day!

Why is it ???

That when I am stuck in a hotel ... with nothing to do ... there is nothing to watch on HBO ???

Glad I brought some movies to watch on the laptop ...
The joyful day!


I'm coming home monday ... if anyone is bored and anywhere near Midway from about 11:30 am to about 3 pm ... I'm gonna be bored and at Midway from about 11:30 am to about 3 pm

edited cause I wasn't clear when I was gonna be there