April 2nd, 2006

The joyful day!

The rest of it

I hung out in the con suite and talked to some folks and played a few more songs.

I needed that

Nice Guys
How Can I Miss You?
Color Of Your Eyes

It was nice and laid back.

I've kind of discovered some things about my guitar playing this weekend. I'm going to explore them a little more the next week or so and talk about them more then.

It's been wonderful
The joyful day!

I'm home

It was a long and fairly nasty drive, lots of bad weather toward the end.

But I'm home.

It was a great weekend. I got to meet some great people, saw a wonderful musician who I probably would have never heard otherwise. Played a good show. Limped less and less as the weekend went along.

I thought about hitting the open mike tonight, but I think I need to get to bed and get the week off to a good start tomorrow.

I'm going to start recording next weekend.

I just wish I had a place to play sometime in the near future.

I did have some folks ask me to come play at a festival in August. Same weekend as Mahtowa. I hate it when that happens.

It was a nice weekend, but now I'm a little depressed. I need to play.