April 11th, 2006

The joyful day!

Blame hardly_angelic

he got me thinking about defunct music magazines. Several that I miss

Creem ... there is a website and a claim that it exists, but I haven't seen it.
Option ... One of the best in the indy world
Musician ... a great antidote for Rolling Stone

And tops on the list ...

Trouser Press ... simply the greatest rock magazine ever.

There are several good magazines currently, Mojo, Uncut and The Big Takeover are the best.
The joyful day!

My 30th reunion

It's coming up fast. I will probably not go, but I did feel I had to send in the questionaire in my own inimitable style

What I have done in the last 30 years in 100 words or less ...

I’ve done professional theatre on two continents, standup comedy, fronted a punk band, had actual jobs in a warehouse, coffeehouse, bank, law firm, advertising agency and others who prefer I don’t mention them …
Oh, and I write viciously satirical songs about people like you but of course that doesn’t pay the bills so instead I beat up computers for a living.