June 1st, 2006

The joyful day!

I think I may have posted this before

My 30th HS reunion is coming up in three weeks. I will not be attending as it is the largest gathering of aging yuppies to be seen in the central Iowa area since, well, any other 30th HS reunion of the last few years. I did send in info for the book they are giving out. My email went thusly.

I will not be attending, but I thought I would send this on so people can say "I don't remember him".

The biographical information I sent in was ...

I’ve done professional theatre on two continents, standup comedy, fronted a punk band, had actual jobs in a warehouse, coffeehouse, bank, law firm, advertising agency and others who prefer I don’t mention them …
Oh, and I write viciously satirical songs about the sort of people I graduated with but of course that doesn’t pay the bills so instead I beat up computers for a living
Anything else can be found at eric-coleman.com