June 16th, 2006

The joyful day!

The comedy thing

I didn't get into the finals. The competition was fierce last night. I thought I had a chance of slipping into the third place slot, but in the end I didn't have a chance.

I did Crank Generation complete with new schtick during it. I think I dropped one major line (I'll see a tape next week) but other than that it felt good.

I do think that one guy got ripped off pretty severely. He had the best response of the night and came in 4th. One judge I talked to was a little puzzled by it, he thought that the guy scored higher and must have gone over, one of the organizers was pretty certain he didn't go over. So I'm puzzled. He should have been in the finals.

I'm going to try to get in the semi-finals next week. If there is an open slot they draw names of the past contestants who have shown up and you can have another chance. I don't expect to get a slot, but a boy can hope.

All in all it was a good night though, except for the one, I think that everyone who got into the finals deserved to.
The joyful day!

Sometimes I like my job

Part of my job is answering the phones. A big part of that is fending off sales geeks. I can usually spot the bad ones pretty quickly.

The phone call I just got rang some bells from the first line. Here is how it went

Me: >insert company name here< Printing, this is Eric can I help you?
Sales Geek: What is the name of your shipping manager.

Ok, at this point I know that it is a cold call, otherwise this person would know at least one name to talk to. We have long standing corporate accounts that are not changeable by us. So my job is to say something like ...

Me: I can probably help you, what do you need? (and I usually can, since I know how most things are run in the building)
SG: I'd like the name of your shipping manager.
Me: I can help you, what do you need?
SG: The name of your shipping manager.
Me: I can help you.
SG: You're a dumb dick aren't you?
Me: I do my best (this said as he hangs up)

If he had been legit, he would have told me what he wanted. And I would have either pointed him to the right person or said that he needed to go to his next cold call. I do hope, for his sake, that his calls were't being recorded "to guarantee customer satisfaction".
The joyful day!


I am here in St Paul ... just got back from the party at the Mad Blonde's (I'm too lazy to do the link thing at the moment)

On the way up here, I stopped at that CD store that I mentioned a month or two back. I shouldn't have. I can't afford to be here at all much less stop at a CD store.

I have talked in the past about The Fabulous Poodles. A favorite band of mine (and of Chasophonic's too I found out tonight).

Their best of CD has been out of print for some time. Their other LPs have never been released on CD.

The store had a copy.

I bought it.

There is a very good chance, if things go the way I have heard on Ebay, that I may be able to pay for my trip with this. I feel a little bad about it, like I am ripping off someone somewhere, but ... Ebay here I come.