June 23rd, 2006

The joyful day!


I have a DVD of last weeks Comedy Showdown. This includes me doing Crank Generation. I'm going to ask for permission to put it up on the web, cause it's awfully caustic. Most of you have never seen me do that song live, since I rarely do it at cons, or much of anywhere else nowadays. I think that the rampant crudeness and meanness will amaze a great many of you.

I think I did a good job, unfortunately others did better. Just not very nice of them.

I think I might have had a chance of getting into the finals if I went last night instead of last week, but I still would have had no chance of winning. A guy got in the finals last night on his first time onstage doing standup. He was really that good, so the competition has gotten fierce.

I am still amazed at how great of a job the guys running this have done. They have created a central Iowa comedy scene. It's well worth checking out. The finals are next thursday at Billy Joes Pitcher Show. I intend to be there, so if anyone wants to hang out and watch some comedy, come on down.

edit Now I have to work out how to pull it from this DVD and save it as an mpg ...