July 23rd, 2006

The joyful day!

Got it

As is so often the case, Windows reset some defaults that I needed to record. I finally tracked it down.

I'm back on the air. Gonna head down to the studio in a bit.

Thank you for the help and support ... I really appreciate it.

addendum I need a Macintosh, I really do
The joyful day!


I will have the new song up on my myspace page in a couple of hours. I am going to record the other song for the festival here in just a bit, but it's such a performance piece for such a specific instance that I might not put it up anywhere, not that I don't want anyone to hear it, just that I don't think it will work well as a recording.

I'm still having some problems burning off to the computer, but I think that is fixable. I can only get one channel, not stereo. It's the cord I am using (get a new cord, I'll bring another one in tomorrow), the output of the mixer (mix out of the headphone jack for now, need a new stereo to stereo mini cord) or it's the jack into the computer (pretty sure that it is not, the stuff I did at home this morning came out in stereo)

The hiss seems to be less too ... so things are going better
The joyful day!

So ... the day

Recording went very well actually. I'm pleased. I Got Them Old Mahtowa Folks Festival Highway 61 Blues Again Mama is a pretty cool version, so I think I might post it, but I will probably wait till after the festival ...
The joyful day!

It was a music day ...

The afternoon was spent in the studio, and I went to Boheme tonight. My fingers are a little angry at me at the moment, but it was a good set.

Trophy Wife (a request from ntrlstgrl who showed up tonight)
Bang My Bald Spot (who requested it? I couldn't tell)
How Can I Miss You? (requested by several people, including the above)
Nice Guys

It was a fun, if slightly sloppy set. I must go to bed now.