August 23rd, 2006

The joyful day!

The original heavy metal

One of the great things that my dad did for me was to instill a love of big band music. One of my favorites growing up was Stan Kenton. He had the most powerful trumpet section ever. He was one of those who was convinced that big band music could do more than make people dance. His music encompassed danceable songs, tone poems, huge, almost orchestral pieces and much more. I saw him play a half dozen times in the 70s and was always amazed.

So my dad gave me 4 of his records the other night ... time to disturb the folks I work with ...
The joyful day!


So, I have to use my PA for the first time in a couple of years. It lived in the basement where Cryn used it to sing through while she was doing laundry. It has lived in my studio space for awhile now, since I was worried about it being in the damn basement.

One of the speakers has a malfunctioning crossover. This means that the woofer doesn't work ... this is bad, not terrible, but bad.

I work with a bunch of tech geeks of various sorts, but a LOT of music tech geeks.

It should be up and running tomorrow, if not a friend is going to loan me better speakers than I am using at the moment.