August 26th, 2006

The joyful day!

the weekend so far

I'm a little grumpy. It is rare that anyone gets on my nerves at a con, but my frame of mind is not all that good at the moment and two folks managed to annoy me ... odd ... but probably more me than them. One I expect it from and the other I don't know, so I don't know what to expect.

To add to that ... I was walking out to the lobby just a bit ago. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I have a hernia ... and it's in my belly button ... yeah I know ... silly, but still occasionally painful. It will get fixed sometime soon, but not yet.

There was a small child and for some reason she thought it would be funny to hit me in the stomach. Yeah ... right where it hurts

We'll see how I am doing tomorrow.

Luke and Carrie rocked the house tonight. It was a good time. Gary Hanak was very funny. I'm looking forward to his show tomorrow.

So how has your weekend been so far.
The joyful day!

Eric's guide to con hotel survival

First ... performers ... and I am doing this right now

Run a cold shower for about 10 minutes every day you are in the hotel. This will save your voice ...

Second ... everyone ...

Take a t-shirt and wrap it around the pillow you are going to use. Don't bring your own pillow case because you will just forget it ... you will see that t-shirt

Third ...

Don't wake up at 6:30 in the morning to get your kids on the bus ... it's saturday and it's likely they are in a different state anyway.
The joyful day!

JVL Con update

It's been a pleasant day. Went to breakfast with Bamm, hung out in the con suite for a bit then came back to the room, since I went to bed too damn late and woke up too damn early.

Headed back to the main ballroom and setup for my show. I like my PA a lot, it does good work. It did have to deal with my playing and singing though.

Only Coffee House In Town
Hey Dad
Color Of Your Eyes
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want
Pine City Motel Blues (the "why don't I know his song yet?" version)
Jordane Cochrane (see above)
Bang My Bald Spot
Low Self Esteem
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys
Perfect Moments (with the very rarely done bitter 4th verse, it seemed fitting)

I stuck to the set list pretty closely this time ... weird I know

There was a small, but appreciative audience. A fun show. I didn't over play. I feel that I could still play a little guitar tonight, even if the fingers on my left hand are a little annoyed at me. They're just feeling sorry for themselves. Time to find food.

edit Oh yeah. Luke played last night with Carrie. They were great ... and I ran sound ... my PA did a very good job. I gave it a cookie after.
The joyful day!


Let's see if I can remember what I played tonight edit this in a duo concert with Gary Hanak, I don't have a list of what he played, but he was wonderful, his show yesterday was great too ... more on that later

These are in no particular order

Gun Sale At The Church (Buddy Blue)
Marie Provost (Nick Lowe)
I Want To Kill Everybody (Ed Haynes) (a request from mike46, he requested several songs actually)
Political Science (Randy Newman) I have never played this in front of people before ... I played it much better than Hand Above The Water, which I have played in front of people a lot
Low Self Esteem
Crank Generation
J's Wild Appalachian Stomp (On it's own even)
Home Again (I so rarely play this one, I need to more often)
Trophy Wife
Hand Above The Water (a terrible version, I was kind of ashamed of myself)
Hides (it got very aggressive toward the end, a very good version and I had no right to be able to play it like that at the end of such a day of playing so much)