September 10th, 2006

The joyful day!

That was fun

I went to the Ritual Cafe open mike tonight. I decided to stick to serious songs. It worked out very nicely. I did

Ghosts - with the very wonderful Kyle Dean Patten on harmonica. More on him in a moment
Color Of Your Eyes - Nice relaxed version
Hides - A little abrupt, but nice.

Later on I had another short turn, at this point there was no one but musicians and employees of the place left. I started playing In Crosby Park and Kyle got an evil smile and pulled out a penny whistle. I gave up singing the song and he and I just played around it for a couple minutes. I asked him what it would take to get him on the CD when I record this. His reply

"a phone call"

cool ...

So how was your saturday ???
The joyful day!


She has a free download, you have to give some personal info since they treat it as a purchase. But this song is really powerful and shows that she is still an amazing songwriter. It brought tears to my eyes and that doesn't happen often. Her voice has aged, but in a wonderful way. This is powerful powerful stuff

Till They All Get Home

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