October 17th, 2006

The joyful day!


So, it stands to reason since I have a myspace account that I get the usual myspace vultures descending ... this is my favorite so far, a quote from their message

"We are based out of Los Angeles, CA and help artists get singed and license music to TV and Films."

singed .. heh ... yeah, it sure looks like one of those "put the money up front, and we'll get you ... singed ..." sort of operations

I also like their web address

arselect.com ... which I read in a totally different way than they intended I'm sure.
The joyful day!

Hull Tap

It was an acoustic jam night ... kinda fun, even if I felt I was playing for one person ... and that was me

Low Self Esteem
Color Of Your Eyes (at which point I lost the audience completely)
Trophy Wife
Hey Dad !!! forgotten before
How Can I Miss You?
Hides (talk about suicide, still, it was fun to play)

I am doing some exercises that are kicking my butt at the moment, including some things for my hands and my forearms, so I couldn't quite summon up my usual speed, but I still played ok ... but just ok.