December 5th, 2006

The joyful day!

Month by month

Post the first line of your first post for every month of 2006, excluding birthday greeting posts and image/video posts.

(reminded of this by celticmom1967)

January - between birthday and christmas presents, I now own the complete Kolchak. I have the movies and the series.
February - Cryn's phone is always running out of battery, she needs one of these
March - A guy I worked with put down two solos in Only Coffee House just a bit ago.
April - (after a birthday greeting to Stan Ridgway) - So cryndalae helped me load the car (ok, she loaded the car). She went and bought me an ankle brace and a cheap cane.
May -
June - My 30th HS reunion is coming up in three weeks.
July - Some of you may remember my friend Susan, who came with me to Capricon a couple years ago, oh she of that oh so wonderful voice.
August - A charity skittles game - in which humans are the pins and the ball is a dead conger eel tied to a rope - has been banned after animal rights activists complained that it was disrespectful to eels here
September - I went to SACC with the World's Smallest Psychotic Army (WSPA)
October - I finished tagging my LJ ... which means I now can forget what the tags mean and still not be able to find posts.
November - I am playing at Mars Cafe right here in Des Moines December 23rd with my friend Brad Roth and one other person to be named later (when I can remember his name)
December - Eric Coleman is the County Commissioner of Oakland County

And that gets us up to date ...