January 12th, 2007

The joyful day!

Way Up North (sorta)

So here I am in St Paul. The drive was fine, but the drive home might be ugly. If that happens, I might just stay for an extra day or so (if my friend can cope with having me underfoot, maybe if I stand up she'll deal better)

Reminds me ... markiv1111, are you playing this weekend ??? If so, where? I probably wouldn't be able to make it, but there is a possibility.

And speaking of shows ... come out and see me at Tillie's Bean tonight ...
The joyful day!

The show tonight

I just back to my friend's house. It was a good show tonight. Andy did show up and played the both sets. It was a blast. We need to do this more often.

I do have to figure out a way to get more folks to come out to these shows. I'm thinking Press Gangs, anyone else have any ideas?

I played

1st Set
Marilyn Monroe (Dan Bern)
Only Coffee House In Town
In Crosby Park
Don’t Go Home
Almost Beautiful
Hey Dad !!!
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want

2nd Set
Ready Mades (Bonzo Dog Band/Neil Innes)
Wilderness Of Smiles
Low Self Esteem
Things You Never Know
The One I Chased Away
Color Of Your Eyes
Bang My Bald Spot
How Can I Miss You?

Lojo Russo turned me onto the Dan Bern song the last time I saw her play, and since she was playing in Des Moines at about the same time I was playing up here, I decided to open with it. The Ready Mades came out of a conversation just before the 2nd set about The Bonzo Dog Band and Neil Innes. I don't think I have ever played it at a show before, and only maybe once at a song circle. It's one of my favorite Bonzo Dog songs ... I almost did Urban Spaceman too.

The last show with Andy was a little disconnected. Technically we played very well, but this time we really connected the way we want to. My shows are always better when he is there. Someday I have to find a way to thank him properly.

So, the next show (if I can make it there, life being what it is) is Capricon. Although I don't have a slot yet, I figure I will play in the Internet Cafe at some point. Then Marscon (which will be too much fun, I mean really, Power Salad are going to be there) and then back at Tillies March 17th. So put that on your calendar now.