March 12th, 2007

The joyful day!

A quiz

I saw this quiz on and thought I would transfer it over here and see what my friends think. So ...

What was the better "reboot" of its series: Batman Begins or Casino Royale?

Batman Begins
Casino Royale
Can't say, as I have only seen one of the two films.
I haven't seen either film.
The joyful day!

You gotta be impressed

By a guy who either parodied or covered, in one weekend

Steely Dan (parody)
Kraftwerk (yeah, a friggin Kraftwerk parody, pure brilliance)
The Kinks (parodied, and ya know ... Dr D was right, it is a masterpiece)
Wild Man Fischer (covered during the smackdown)

And it makes me happy to say that powersalad has come over to the dark side and is now on LJ
The joyful day!

Old friends and influences

One of the biggest influences on how I approach my live act is a guy named John Means aka Dr Gonzo. Gonzo was a standup comic for many years. He and my brother went to college together and I was in some stage productions with him years and years ago. The whole stop and start thing I do during songs is directly lifted from him. He is still one of the funniest people I have ever seen as well as a very good guy.

He stopped touring some years ago and I have heard bits and pieces about him here and there, but have wondered what he was up to now. The answer to that is here. It's good to see old friends doing good things ...
The joyful day!

Ya know

Windows Vista isn't QUITE good enough to suck ...

Oh ... did I mention I have a new laptop ... it's going to my tech wednesday for her to burn this piece of crap out and put on XP Pro ...