April 7th, 2007

The joyful day!

a quick update

I'm here in lovely Alton IL for Spirit Awakening ... had a pleasant drive, took the scenic route rather than the easy route, and it proved to be pretty darn easy. I think I shall go back that way as well.

The hotel's wireless seems to be down, so I am across the street at a Panera's (or whatever they call it here) so my access may be sketchy this weekend. If you need to get in contact with me, I question why ...

I saw Heather Jinmaku last night, who was absolutely marvelous. I will post more about her later, with a link to her myspace page (she is on my friends list if you feel the need to go check her out).

I'm playing tonight at 9, should be a fun show.

So ... more later when I have more time. I've downloaded my podcasts now, so it's time to get back to the hotel. Have a fun weekend all. Howdy to everyone at Minicon ...
The joyful day!

That was the wrong room

I very nearly cleared the room. Wow ... that was a first. Yeah you lose some of the audience sometimes, but 70% or so ...

Here is ... more or less ... what I played

Pine City Motel Blues
Marilyn Monroe (Bern)
I Want To Kill Everybody (Haynes)
In Crosby Park (on the 12 string)
Color Of Your Eyes (ditto)
Ghosts (and yeah)
Hey Dad (back to the 6)
Trophy Wife
Woman I Want (after nearly all the women have left)
Low Self Esteem (fitting at the moment)
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys

Wow ... I mean ... was I bad ??? I dunno ...