April 30th, 2007

The joyful day!

Da Movies ... again

Ok, there is a theme this week and a winky button who whoever gets the theme first.

And since I figger it will be so easy, I am asking that you only answer one (if you want to show off, email the answers to me)

Here are your quotes ... ladies & gentlemen start your search engines ...

1 - Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who. signy1 (who I don't think I know) got this one - Monty Python And The Holy Grail ... also guessed, albiet a little late by s00j and selenesue ... yes indeed I am in geek babe heaven at the moment ...

2 - This is a frightened city... bammba_m got this one - And Now For Something Completely Different

3 - The wrong one was delivered to me as the right man, I accepted him on good faith as the right man. Was I wrong? shsilver got this one - Brazil ... and the theme

4 - Well, he told me that he'd been to see these young men in a dark cellar. We have a tie, both wyngarde & exapno answered this at 8:33 ... although wyngarde came up first on the replies - The Rutles

5 - Listen. I've been in this dump for sixteen years and I haven't made a single convert. pheltzer got this one - Erik The Viking

6 - You see, what I think is wrong with the country today is that there aren't enough people chained up. selenesue got this one - The Missionary

7 - You're smart, you've got wonderful bones, and you dress really interestingly. gamerchick got this one finally - A Fish Called Wanda

8 - The fat one on the throne is the queen. She's not very well today, so I should kneel upwind of her. icarusjj got this one - Yellowbeard

9 - I'm going to have to turn you into a dog for a while. wyngarde got this one - Time Bandits

10 - I think sexual intercourse is in order, Gilbert. jrittenhouse got this one - A Private Function
The joyful day!

The movie game

I now have the themes for the next three weeks ... be afraid ... I'm really enjoying this

Oh, and if anyone has an idea for a theme ... email me ... you will be ineligible for that week, but you do win the same fabulous prize as the winners ...
The joyful day!

The Tillies Set List

1st Set
Marilyn Monroe
Pine City Motel Blues (with Andy on slide resonator mandolin)
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want
The One I Chased Away
Color Of Your Eyes

2nd Set
Nice Guys
Only Coffee House In Town
Wilderness Of Smiles
Don’t Go Home
In Crosby Park
Hides (the slow gypsy blues version)