June 22nd, 2007

The joyful day!

Going Going Gone

I am hitting the road for the weekend.

Come out and see me at Tillie's Bean tonight in Minneapolis. All of the info is in my user info and on my website. It's gonna be fun. I promise.
The joyful day!

Billy Joes last night

I forgot to mention ... I was in the semi-finals for the comedy contest at Billy Joes last night. I did Low Self Esteem, and tried out some new stuff in the middle of verses (yeah, always a good idea, new stuff at a contest). It went ok, but I lost the audience rhythm about midway through, and never quite got it back. The first half was killer though ...
I didnt get into the finals ... but I will go to the contest ... the talent is really good this year.
The joyful day!

A new toy

With the help of chasophonic I now have a new toy ... I'm not going to say what it is at this point (just to be mean to the other folks in Toyboat) but if you come to Tillies tonight ... you will at the very least see it
The joyful day!


It was a fun show ... I feel that my guitar playing was not quite up to my usual low standards, but I doubt anyone else noticed.

barondave as already posted a picture here

I think that this photo may capture the Eric Live vibe better than any other I have ever seen ...
The joyful day!

oh ... just one more thing

I am in a motel just a little ways into WI ...

I have a room that one could quite possibly have a high school dance in ... for a pretty darn reasonable price. When they said king size ... they meant it.