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Eric's House Of Ego

June 23rd, 2007

June 23rd, 2007
04:00 pm


I love free WIFI
I am at an oasis a ways into IL ... so I thought I would talk about my trip so far.

I have most of a new song written, this one is going to be really really wrong. Yeah, I stopped at my favorite freeway exit ... combine that (whatever it may be) with listening to Johnny Cash all morning ... well ... really really wrong ... really

I have a bunch of oddball observations jotted down in the car ... I'll share those later

But ... now ... time to move along. Gonna do a holy pilgrimage with controuble to my favorite Place Of Worship and then on to Joliet for the gathering of the Bundles

Be afraid ...

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11:28 pm



Still one of the most twisted hits of the 70s ... and it's fun too

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