August 1st, 2007

The joyful day!

I need a picture ...

I was heading to the highway from Cryn's house, and I saw a sign ...

Comunity Theatre

I've worked on shows there (and never will again), this definitely describes the place.
The joyful day!


I am off to Mahtowa Friday morning. If I haven't mentioned it before, I thought I would now.

As always I cannot recommend it more highly. If you like great singer/songwriter stuff, the songwriting competition is always amazing.

I do have a dilemma.

I was working on a new song just for the competition. I am going to do the other new song that I have put in the set recently, but I need a second song, and the song for the festival is just not going to get done. So, here is a listing of what I have done before

2002 - A Correction
Caution: Product Might Be Hot
Bang My Bald Spot

Hey Dad
??? (I think it may have been Don't Go Home)
Pine City Motel Blues
In Crosby Park
How Can I Miss You?
Mahtowa Blues

Woman Like You

So, what song do you think I should pull out for this year?