August 8th, 2007

The joyful day!

Animation - Part Two

Here are the rules.

Answer only one quote.

If you answer more than one I will delete your reply. If there are quotes still not answered the next day I will open it up to any and all guesses.

Most weeks there is a theme. If there is not a theme I will tell you. The theme is open to guess even if you have guessed a quote.

The Theme was guessed earlier this week by shsilver, it is Animation

Don't use a search engine (like this can be enforced). If you don't know, you don't know. Maybe next week you will.

You must either be signed into LJ, or say who you are (in case you are a friend of mine who is not on LJ). All anonymous answers will be deleted (hey, I'm obsessive, I want to know who guesses these)

10 Fritz! Fritz, get up for God's sake! Get up! They've killed Fritz! They've killed Fritz! Those lousy stinking yellow fairies! Those horrible atrocity-filled vermin! Those despicable animal warmongers! They've killed Fritz! Take that! Take this! Take that, you green slime! You black hearted, short, bow-legged... Ya wonder what this is from ??? alymid is telling ya it's from Wizards
11 I told you once that I was trying to impress you... I hope I have. Ya wonder what this is from ??? wyngarde is telling ya it's from Watership Down
12 Well, them poor dumb little bastards. They never learned the power of positive thought. Ya wonder what this is from ??? shsilver is telling ya it's from American Pop
13 He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive! Ya wonder what this is from ??? greenmansgrove is telling ya it's from Heavy Metal
14 Hey. Butterfingers. I want my monkey. Ya wonder what this is from ??? selenesue is telling ya it's from Aladdin
15 She won't be coming down here with the spray. She'll be coming down here with a shovel. It happened to m' brother. Split him right down the middle. Now I have two half-brothers. Ya wonder what this is from ??? bammba_m is telling ya it's from James And The Giant Peach
16 You were created by humans to obey humans. You could never be our equal. Ya wonder what this is from ??? wwetuesday is telling ya it's from Pokémon: The First Movie
17 I just know, before this is over, I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy. Look at my eye twitchin'. Ya wonder what this is from ??? dement1a is telling ya it's from Shrek
18 The criminal you are looking for cannot be found at the bottom of the mountain; he resides at the top in a cave fortress where my companions are trying to detain him. Ya wonder what this is from ??? jrittenhouse is telling ya it's from Hoodwinked
The joyful day!

What are you doing Labor Day weekend ???

Come out to the DMSFS Semi Annual Constitutional Convention AKA SACC. It is a gathering of the Geek in Iowa (although folks come from elsewhere as well. We set up tents, we play games, we chatter for hours on end, we play music (and the WSPA will be in full force, complete with instruments) and generally behave ... well ... very badly in a wonderful way. The Mock-Scottish games will happen again this year, so many people will be in pain, and that is always fun.
The joyful day!

Some flashes (heh) from the past

There is a box set of old Popeye cartoons that I just picked up. They look amazing. I do like the disclaimer that appears at the beginning of each disc

"The animated shorts you are about to see are a product of their time. They may depict some of the ethnic, sexist and racial prejudices that were commonplace in American society. These depictions were wrong then and are wrong today. While the following shorts do not represent the Warner Bros. view of today's society, these animated shorts are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed."

And ... SciFi is starting a new Flash Gordon series on Friday. I'll toss them onto disc and see ... but I rarely have hope for such things. Oddly enough, I was out looking for the late 70s Flash Gordon cartoon series (pointed out to me by eeknight) when I found the Popeye set, which, like so much, I had forgotten about.