October 12th, 2007

The joyful day!

The last piece of gear in my synth setup

I forgot about this. When I was in Soldiers In A Field a couple 100 years ago, we rehearsed by plugging our synths into my stereo. Hey, practice with no amps is a good thing.

The first couple of years of Radio Capricon I used the mixer that I had in those days. I bought it from Radio Shack and it still works. It's built like a brick and is dead easy to use. When I got the mixer that I use now with my recording gear it went home with grey_lensman, in case I wasn't able to make it some year and he needed a mixer to run the station. It was lost for awhile, and recently tlunquist mailed it back to me. It's kinda like an old friend coming home. So, I present to you, the center of my synth setup, a Collapse )

I find it kinda funny that I have this combination of high tech modern stuff, and some really old stuff.

oh, and mine is in much better shape than the picture I have here, which I found on Ebay