November 7th, 2007

The joyful day!


I am heading out tonight in the general direction of Chicago and then in the general direction of Akron. Some kind of con is going on there, or so I hear. And there is supposed to be music of some sort. Has anyone heard anything about this?

But ... since I am going to be in the area (Evanston in particular) to pick up my traveling companion, the ever so wonderful bammba_m, and since I will be in town at a reasonable time (I am driving part way tonight) I though ... HEY, let's see if anyone wants to have lunch. I mean, I certainly do, so I think we can work this out.

I am thinking, which always frightens people, about either the regular place, or maybe here, since I've gotten to really like Nepalese food.

I'm thinking noonish one place or the other ... anyone wanna ???
The joyful day!


I am outta here ...

Work is letting me off early.

The plan seems to be ... Everest a bit after 12:30 for lunch. Two folks accounted for.

I will stop at one of the Iowa rest stops in a couple hours and double check. If you have my cel phone number, feel free to give me a call.

Akron, here I come ... eventually