November 9th, 2007

The joyful day!

First set of the weekend

Coffee House
Trophy Wife
Jordan Cochrane
Golden Age
Hey Dad
Oh Shannon
How Can I Miss You
Nice Guys

It was a lot of fun, I thought I was a little stiff though. More later, I need lunch, then Luke has a show in half an hour.
The joyful day!

The lastest update on Tillies Bean

To Our Valued Friends and Customers

It has been a tough year for Tillie’s Bean in terms of additional costs that depleted our ready cash, for example the glass repairs from our breaking-and-entering. The cease-and-desist order against offering live music on the weekends caused a loss of revenue when we could not afford the initial license fee of over $600. In short, when it then came time to pony up some funds to the State of Minnesota, we couldn’t do it.

Our many musician friends are offering to host a fund-raiser on Saturday, Nov. 17, to be held here at Tillie’s Bean, during which they would conduct an event similar to the fund-raising done for Betsy’s Back Porch. They are suggesting a day of music that will include a silent auction of donated artworks and other collectible items. The event is scheduled from 8am-8pm. The silent auction closes at 6pm. There will also be many “but it now” options as well as a cake walk and other fun activities. It would be a great time to pick-up holiday gifts for yourself or others.

With everyone’s patience while we restructure, we know we can return to offer you the absolutely best coffee in the neighborhood. We look forward to seeing you all again each morning.

See you soon. Tillie’s Family

Tillie’s Bean
2803 East 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

**Musicians interested in playing please contact

**Artists or individuals interested in donating please contact