December 4th, 2007

The joyful day!


I've been playing around some patterns in DADGAD the last couple of weeks. I have two, (maybe three) new pieces of music. One very jaunty and one very moody. The jaunty one even has a good start on the lyrics.
Perfectly Good Guitar

All the news that's fit ...

I was in the drive through at the bank ... and like most banks now, they have a little screen that runs through adverts for stuff that the bank does, and news items and trivia. In this case it was the top three headlines according to whatever service they use. I don't remember specifically what 2 and 3 were, but they were fairly big news items.

It was #1 that got me.

Honey Appears To Help Coughs

I don't know which is the more stupid, that this was the top news item over other 2 big things or that someone JUST FIGURED THAT OUT.

I wonder how much the grant for that study was worth?
The joyful day!

Whole Wheat Radio

I sent the new CD to WWR and it's up on the station already. The nice thing, they have played two songs and the ratings have gone like this

Wilderness Of Smiles
2 5 star ratings

WYSIWYG - 2007 Remake/Remodel
a 5 star rating, a 3 star rating, and a 1 star rating ... oh well, can't have everything.

Now if I can just get some other folks to play it.