January 4th, 2008


From Chaos, a Logo

I felt that the band needed something to hang the name on. So I went to the ever so wonderful folks at Button Slut, yes indeed, cheap AND easy, and this is what happened. Expect the Toyboat website to go live sometime shortly.

Yeah, we haven't played a show yet, but we already have a logo and soon a website ... MAN are we working toward being corporate whores.

Oh, and if you like the Toyboat logo, or my logo, or the buttons you see so many of the dementia bands sporting, they are pretty much all from Button Slut known here on LJ as bobolium, and the subject of several wormquartet songs. If you want buttons made, she's the one to talk to.

I will have show updates shortly.
The joyful day!

My first show of the year

And it's a biggie

The Marscon Dementia Track
February 29 - March 2

The Guests Of Honor
Hot Waffles

Special Guests
Paul & Storm

The Usual Suspects
Rob Balder
Some gerbil from Iowa
Carrie Dahlby
The Gothsicles
the great Luke Ski
Beth Kinderman
Possible Oscar
Power Salad
Art Paul Schlosser
Sudden Death
Worm Quartet

The Dementia Fan Showcase hosted by
DJ Particle

You can also get more information right here on LJ at marscondementia
The joyful day!

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