January 9th, 2008

The joyful day!

7 Summits in 58 hours

Chris Stangl

His times on each peak

Mt. Vinson (4.892m) 9h 10 min
Mt. Mc.Kinley/Denali (6.194m) 16h 45min
Carstensz Pyramide (4.884m) 49min
Mt. Everest (8.848m) 16h 42min
Mt. Elbrus (5.643m) 5h 18min
Kilimanjaro (5.895m) 5h 36min
Aconcagua (6.956m) 4h 25min

Total: 58h 45min

He beat the previous Vinson record by 10 hours.

More info here

No oxygen, no team, just him. This guy is amazing
The joyful day!

Radio Capricon

It's coming together slowly. We will not be transmitting this year, instead dementiaradio.org are being kind enough to supply us with bandwidth, so you can listen from anywhere there is a computer, whether you are at the con or not. I will have a preliminary schedule on my website shortly (eric-coleman.com/rc.html), but since the theme is pirates I would expect that you may hear something to do with that.

And if anyone wants to do an hour here or there, let me know. If you are a Dementia Radio DJ, it's easy enough to just take over, if you aren't we can work something out.

If you are attending the con, and want to take over the station for an hour, that can be worked out as well.

More info coming soon.