January 18th, 2008

Dale Arden Boogies


geekymary was talking about icons which made me think (sorry).

What is your favorite icon? Reply using it and tell me why.

This is my current favorite I think. It's the ever so yummy Jean Rogers as the original Dale Arden, accept no substitutes. I think I need to watch a couple episodes of this this weekend.
The joyful day!


Bobby Fischer

There was a period in my life when I played a LOT of chess. I wasn't very good, but I loved the game. The guy who I played with worshiped Fischer, as well he should have, since he was simply the greatest player of the game ever. His complete spanking of Spassky in 1972 still amazes me.

In one of the oddest moments of my life, A few years ago I was in Mexico visiting my brother and I was showing a friend of his some openings and such, so she could play a better game against him and against the computer. There was a fellow sitting across the cafe looking at us amused. He left before we were done and as we left the owner said "do you know who that was?". I said no. He said "that was Margulies". Stuart Margulies, the co-author of Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. I wish I could have talked to him for a moment. Oh well.
The joyful day!

I've been thinking ...

Yeah I know ... not again ...

I need to get some of my Edgar Rice Burroughs books out of storage, I feel the urge to read some of them again.

What is your favorite character, book, series, whatever?

My favorites are the Venus books, mostly because, while brilliant, Carson Napier is a bit of a goof, and messes up an awful lot, making him a little more real than the perfect folk who tend to populate ERB's work.