January 28th, 2008

Movie Lobby

It's not my fault, blame pheltzer

Here are the rules.

Answer only one quote.

If you answer more than one I will delete your reply. If there are quotes still not answered the next day I will open it up to any and all guesses.

Most weeks there is a theme. If there is not a theme I will tell you. The theme is open to guess even if you have guessed a quote.

There is no theme this week, except that pheltzer gave me a list of movies

Don't use a search engine (like this can be enforced). If you don't know, you don't know. Maybe next week you will.

You must either be signed into LJ, or say who you are (in case you are a friend of mine who is not on LJ). All anonymous answers will be deleted (hey, I'm obsessive, I want to know who guesses these). Oh, and don't guess as a reply to someone else's guess, on a busy day that makes it hard for me to spot your answer.

1) You've got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It's going to get you into trouble someday dement1a says "like woah, this is from The Princess Bride"
2) She seems to have such nicely rounded diphthongs! alymid says "like woah, this is from Oscar"
3) I don't believe in the no-win scenario. bammba_m says "like woah, this is from Wrath Of Kahn"
4) You think you're so smart, man, but you're just a bunch of scared kids. gundo says "like woah, this is from Red Dawn"
5) When we're through here, can we please teach it how to breathe with its mouth closed? shsilver says "like woah, this is from The Cutting Edge"
6) I've never taught before and you've never thought before. So good luck to all of us. fredhuggins says "like woah, this is from Renaissance Man"
7) Half of writing history is hiding the truth. selenesue says "like woah, this is from Serenity"
8) You're beautiful. Let's have sex. kylakae says "like woah, this is from Logan's Run"
9) It's not tipping I believe in. It's overtipping. lukeski says "like woah, this is from My Blue Heaven"
10) Glad to meet you, kid, you're a real horse's ass. exapno says "like woah, this is from The Sting"
11) I think all you need is a small taste of success, and you will find it suits you. wyngarde says "like woah, this is from Better Off Dead"
12) You can't help who you love, Derek, you're not supposed to. violachic says "like woah, this is from Save The Last Dance"
The joyful day!

A couple of quick comments on the weekend

Toyboat practice was amazing. We got through everything in pretty good shape, and got a couple of new-ish songs arranged. We work so fast now. Their practicing a lot together has gotten them used to each other, and makes it easy for me to step in when I can get there. And this is the least ego-driven band I have ever heard of. We are all on the same page completely. It's truly a band. We will be hanging out some in the filk room at Capricon, and at least a couple of us will be going to Filk Ontario. Then it is on to Demicon, Duckon, and now that we have talked about it as a band, Archon is official (there was a little bit of doubt due to a possible conflict)

exapno's party was very pleasant, but we seem to have missed out on the music ... why was that Xap ??? There was some music, much conversation, much telling of stories and much fun. The Xaplings had no idea I was going to be there, so X1 did much yelling when he answered the door.

Sunday we had lunch with polyfrog & mairzydotes at Pita Inn, yeah. that's a shock I know. We then went back to Chez Dork to get my laptop and the Squirrel's CD player and headed back to Iowa.

It was a marvelous weekend.
The joyful day!


I liked it ... yeah there are some glaring problems, and some glaring cliches ... but over all I thought it was very very good ... I do have one question that I will reserve for comments ... expect spoilers (I warn people, unlike some other folks)