February 4th, 2008

Movie Lobby

This is ground control to filkertom

Here are the rules.

Answer only one quote.

If you answer more than one I will delete your reply. If there are quotes still not answered the next day I will open it up to any and all guesses.

Most weeks there is a theme. If there is not a theme I will tell you. The theme is open to guess even if you have guessed a quote.

There is no theme this week, except that filkertom gave me a list of movies that he likes

Don't use a search engine (like this can be enforced). If you don't know, you don't know. Maybe next week you will.

You must either be signed into LJ, or say who you are (in case you are a friend of mine who is not on LJ). All anonymous answers will be deleted (hey, I'm obsessive, I want to know who guesses these). Oh, and don't guess as a reply to someone else's guess, on a busy day that makes it hard for me to spot your answer.

01 I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you! bammba_m says this is from Return Of The King and ya know, that's right
02 He's just like any other man, only more so. polyfrog says this is from Casablanca and ya know, that's right
03 I don't think we could have asked for a more beautiful evening, do you? eeknight says this is from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and ya know, that's right
04 He yodels, he jumps around to music. exapno says this is from Singing In The Rain and ya know, that's right
05 I got no spit. jabber says this is from Jaws and ya know, that's right
06 It really was no miracle. What happened was just this. starstraf says this is from The Wizard Of Oz and ya know, that's right
07 This is the day your dreams come true. fredhuggins says this is from Beauty And The Beast and ya know, that's right
08 What the hell are you doing in the bathroom day and night? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance? wyngarde says this is from Young Frankenstein and ya know, that's right
09 Listen to him, men, he's just crazy enough to do it! controuble says this is from Blazing Saddles and ya know, that's right
10 We were in the nick of time. You were in great peril. selenesue says this is from Monty Python And The Holy Grail and ya know, that's right
11 All hand on deck! Everybody on deck! Everybody on deck! All hand on deck! Everybody on deck! Everybody on deck!. tony_goldmark says this is from King Kong (the original, I am assuming that is the one Tom meant for me to use) and ya know, that's right
12 I'm getting tired of you. You never push a noun against a verb without trying to blow up something. shsilver says this is from Inherit The Wind and ya know, that's right
The joyful day!


More shows are booked ... more travel time.

I have no shows at this time in April, August (Mahtowa is the first weekend, and Worldcon the weekend after), September, November, December

So if anyone knows of anywhere for me to go play, lemme know