February 14th, 2008

The joyful day!

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

The station is in the car, I just need to track down socks for the weekend, and I am outta here.

Radio Capricon is on the road in just a few minutes. See you at the con. And if you are not at the con you can listen at


the ORG is important since there is also a dementiaradio.com

I should be on the air around 6 this evening, but I might not be running live, just running a mix from my Ipod or some such thing.

you can also contact me on AOL Instant Messenger at radiocapricon and the schedule is can be found at eric-coleman.com/rc.html
The joyful day!

Radio Capricon

We may be moving rooms ... since it seems that I may not be able to hard wire the computer (since the station goes off my desktop system)

More news as I find out

Edit As of 4:55 we are on the air. dementiaradio.org:8050 edited for actual port

I'm playing War Of The Worlds at the moment, but I will be stepping in occasionally as I get more hardware setup.
The joyful day!


So, the shoutcast is run through Winamp, which will not broadcast when I play stuff from Winamp, but will if I am running through the soundcard. So RC is not running all night, sorry, but I am the only one listening at the moment anyway.

I'll work it out tomorrow.

Have a good night, I must sleep now.