February 16th, 2008

The joyful day!

One thing I would like people to remember

Much of what I say in my show are jokes ...

When I advise the women that they may want to leave before the end of the show, since I am now single, and I may try to talk to them ... that is a joke ...

I swear that a very lovely lady fled before the end of my show due to that joke

at least that is the way I will tell the story onstage from now on ... don't try to confuse me with the facts
The joyful day!

Radio Capricon

Just a reminder of today's shows

10 AM - noon - My Favorite Little Festival, a report from Mahtowa - www.festivalbrew.com for information on the festival
Noon - 2pm - the great Luke Ski counts down the top 28 dementia Pirate songs. lukeski.com for more information on Luke
2pm - 4 pm - What The Filk? - Bill Roper plays 2 hours of the best in filk. filker.com for more info on Bill
4pm - 6pm - Bilgemunky Radio, the very best in Piratecore. bilgemunky.com
6pm - 8pm - That 80s Show, Eric spins two hours of his favorite 80s music, be afraid
8pm - 11pm - Bull Goose Looney, 3 hours of wacko music from Eric's collection including the dreaded Stairway To Heaven, Stairway To Hell hour
11pm - whenever, she went to almost 5 in the morning last night- The Esoteric Realm w/ Angelica Dawn, who really needs to get a website