March 13th, 2008

The joyful day!

A question ...

In the "Leaving The Comfort Zone" post celticmom1967 asked

"Tell me about your appreciation for the traditional arts. Do you like art, theatre, opera, classical music, etc? What do you like or not like about it?"

Art: - I like the Impressionists I love the softness of it. How it is real, yet other worldly at the same time. Claude Monet is my favorite by a rather large margin.

Theatre: - I have a degree in theatre (mostly lighting and directing) and worked on and off in it for many years. My loves in theatre would take to much time but a couple of favorites for me would be Shakespeare's Tempest , and Joe Orton's What The Butler Saw. Those two I think show the range of plays that interest me.

Opera: - I don't tend to like opera much, mostly because I don't tend to like trained voices. I can appreciate it, but it isn't something that I listen to much. On the other hand I do love Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas, but I think they are best when the comic roles are cast with non-operatic voices.

Classical Music: - If you want to get technical, I like the periods that frame the Classical Era. I absolutely love Baroque music. The Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 is one of my favorite pieces of music, but I can listen to most Baroque at any time.

I love the lushness and passion of Romantics. Respighi is a particular favorite.