March 17th, 2008

The joyful day!


There was this band I was in for couple of months, this was about a 100 years ago. I was a young punky drummer, they were into classic rock. It was a match made in hell. Only one of us could really play well, that was the bass player. He and I had a hate/hate relationship for many years. Then I started the job that I now work, and there he was out in the press room. We became friends finally. Jammed some together, talked music insessently, made fun of music insessently. So about 6 months ago he got the diagnosis. A few weeks ago, after it looked like he may beat it, he found that the cancer had spread to his brain. He died this weekend. He was a true character, funny, brilliant, one of the best bass players I ever knew. There are a lot of us who will miss him. RIP Randy Van Hosen
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This week's quiz

Here are the rules.

Answer only one quote.

If you answer more than one I will delete your reply. If there are quotes still not answered the next day I will open it up to any and all guesses.

Most weeks there is a theme. If there is not a theme I will tell you. The theme is open to guess even if you have guessed a quote.

There is not a theme this week, and you can thank bdunbar for that

Don't use a search engine (like this can be enforced). If you don't know, you don't know. Maybe next week you will.

You must either be signed into LJ, or say who you are (in case you are a friend of mine who is not on LJ). All anonymous answers will be deleted (hey, I'm obsessive, I want to know who guesses these). Oh, and don't guess as a reply to someone else's guess, on a busy day that makes it hard for me to spot your answer.

01 - I guess they named a lot of that Southern trash after old Stonewall. controuble informs us that this is from Shane
02 - This is a bad one, the worst yet. eeknight informs us that this is from Blade Runner
03 - Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he? bammba_m informs us that this is from It's A Wonderful Life
04 - The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive. fredhuggins informs us that this is from Full Metal Jacket
05 - There are few things more fundamentally encouraging and stimulating than seeing someone else die. kylakae informs us that this is from Paths Of Glory
06 - Thank you very much! Thank you very much. Thank you very very very very much! What awful people. filkertom informs us that this is from Time Bandits
07 - I should have died many times, Captain, but I continue to survive somehow. This time it was your fault. shsilver informs us that this is from The Enemy Below
08 - Out on that drill field yesterday, you people were miserable. You people ain't even a mob. A mob's got a leader. You people are a herd. I'm gonna get me a sheep dog! tcgtrf informs us that this is from The D.I.
09 - Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, a terminal psychotic, except that I've got this bronze badge that says that I'm one of the good guys. selenesue informs us that this is from Mad Max
10 - Lingerie. Oh, remember lingerie? noise626 informs us that this is from The Road Warrior
11 - Now, when men get to fighting, it happens here! And it finishes here! wyngarde informs us that this is from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome