April 11th, 2008

The joyful day!

A message from Lojo Russo

Hello My Fine Folk!

Here's a show EVERYONE can come to - no matter where you are!

This Monday, April 14th at 7pm CST I'll be doing a live broadcast on KUNI (NPR) Radio's "Live From Studio One" show. I'll be doing some of the new stuff from my soon to be released CD, little white box, as well as the old favorites.

Here's how Everyone can enjoy the show:
1) Come to the KUNI campus and be part of the studio audience. http://www.kuniradio.org/kustud.html
2) Listen to streaming live audio on the web.

Hear me when you get there ;)


Lojo live on the radio ... FUNFUNFUN !!!
The joyful day!

Since so many seem to be having fun with this

I will do my best to post a Most Important Question Of The Day every weekday.

If you have anything you would like to see voted on here, let me know and I will add it to my list. There is nothing that is either too significant or too trivial or too obscure for this particular poll. I have 7 more planned at the moment, and am adding to them as I think of more.

My only rule, there must be two.

Comments are screened.
The joyful day!

Friday Five

Top Five Favorite Rock Lead Singers
1 - Roger Daltry - The Who
2 - Michael Been - The Call
3 - Angelo Moore - Fishbone
4 - Chrissie Hynde - The Pretenders
5 - Maynard James Keenan - Tool
The joyful day!

Ebay is having a problem

When I look at my watching category, one of the concert DVDs that I am thinking about buying from Australia costs AU $2.95. The shipping however is AU $19,356,338.00.

When you go look at the actual item, it's a reasonable AU $8.95.

Whew, I'm glad, I would have hated to pay that ...
The joyful day!

I get fan mail

This via You Tube ...

At MarsCon 2008 why were you saying a bunch of crap about me on stage? About youngsters and crap???
And stuff like surviving Worm Quartet, I was in a car for 8 hours so I could see Worm Quartet live.
I went for Worm Quartet, Luke Ski, Sudden Death, Possible Oscar, and the gothsicles!

What can I say, I love my fans!