May 13th, 2008

Important Question Of The Day

The Most Important Question Of The Day

It's important, really

Justice League

This one was the idea of my co-worker Dave ... I'm guessing this is going to start fights, but then again I thought that yesterday's quiz was pretty non-controversial. Some folks are just a LITTLE too into their stick shifts for their own good.
The joyful day!

Sunday night

I went to the open mike. Yeah, bout time I did again. I've been a little busy.

Let's see if I can dredge what I played out of my skull

Hey Dad
Crank Generation
Color Of Your Eyes (the ultra fast mix)
How Can I Miss You?
Bang My Bald Spot

I think that was it.

And I'm playing tonight. 8pm.
The joyful day!

Tonight at the Ames Progressive office

In Crosby Park
Hand Above The Water
Home Again
Only Coffee House In Town
Hey Dad
How Can I Miss You?

I think that was it. I made up a list of a bunch of songs and picked as I went along. It was a good set. The first three songs were all on the 12 string, and went ok.
Someone was filming it, so some of these may end up on You Tube in a few weeks.

Speaking of which ... does anyone have film of WSPA2 and myself at Marscon ... I really would like to see it.
The joyful day!

Just a warning

If you find yourself driving in central Iowa, beware, there is another Coleman on the road.

WSPA-1 aka nainian got his drivers license today.

The beard has been grey for awhile now, expect the rest of the hair on my head to change soon.

I'm proud of him