July 1st, 2008

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I knew this week was going to be tough
The joyful day!

That seven items meme

From violachic

If for no other reason than he wrote the Orestia. He is the maybe the greatest of the tragedic playwrights.

bonzo dog band
The Bonzos were a brilliant comedy band from the 60s. The best known member (over here anyway) is Neil Innes, who you know as the guy who sang the Sir Robin song in Monty Python And The Holy Grail

leonard and larry
Sigh, no more Leonard And Larry. It's an indy comic strip that appeared in several gay magazines through it's sporadic history. It's a sweet, funny, insightful look at two very average gay men and their friends and family.

The Ohio Valley Filk Festival. I am still uncertain as to whether what I do has any connection to the filk community. I would imagine that a lot of folks in the filk community feel the same. It is still a very very important part of my life, and this is the (I think) the largest filk con in the US

rock against bush
Two CDs that came out during the last last presidential election. Some of the greatest punk bands banded together and tried to move voters. Great idea, and great music too.

the queer old dean
The words of the Reverend William Spooner. The entire quote is said to be "Let us glaze our asses to the queer old Dean"

timbuk 3
A man, a woman and a drum machine. Cynicism has never sounded so sweet. I miss this band. You probably know the song The Future's So Bright. It's nowhere near their best song.