February 4th, 2009

The joyful day!

That fortune cookie thing

I never comment on the writers block thing ... but this one made me think of something I did to the folks I work with.

I had told them that I always got bad things in my fortune cookies ... always. They didn't believe me (and for good reason, I was lying). BUT, I have nifty software on my computer, so, in very small text, I printed out my fortune for the day, cut it down to acceptable size, bent it up so it looked like it came out of a fortune cookie. I went off to lunch at my favorite chinese restaurant, and came back.


My fortune said ... "Give up, it's useless". If I had thought of it at the time on the back it would have had a mock Chinese translation for defenestration.
The joyful day!

The inept cold call of the week

A guy just called saying that he was from the company that handled all of our advertising, and had been doing so for the last 2 years.

We're an in house shop, we don't do outside sales, therefore no advertising.