March 30th, 2009

The joyful day!

Bad Gamers - That same guy again

I used to work Sunday afternoon's at the local game shop. I went into work one day and the guy who I worked with said "aren't you using The Black Tower in your game? Kevin was reading through it yesterday." I thanked him, and made some changes for the next session. In one of the rooms there was a very powerful sword hidden in a mattress. When they came to that room Kevin went straight for the bed and instantly found the sword. I don't remember what cursed sword I replaced the original with, but his reaction was classic ... "THAT'S NOT WHAT was in ... " Then a long pause, then silence.
The joyful day!

Well ... that was interesting ,,,

I just wrote the majority of a new lyric ... it's basically done, just needs some polishing.

And oh my is it mean ... I may need to pull it back some ... now if I can just track down Isaac and get it recorded ... this needs to go on The Fump