April 16th, 2009

The joyful day!

Demicon Music Room 2009

It's gonna be a fun con. We have some of the regulars as well as a few new (ish) acts as well.

10pm - Eric Coleman
11pm - Knotty Dog

Noon - Flatland Ramblers
1pm - Orckes & Trolles
2pm - Adam Stemple & Lojo Russo
3pm - Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters
4pm - Bryan Baker (with his band)
5pm - Toyboat

8pm - Lojo Russo
The joyful day!

Farscape, BSG and other TV stuff

I've been watching Farscape, thanks to alymid. If it was in print or at a reasonable price I'D BUY IT !!! ... ahem ... sorry ... I get carried away. The prices for it out there are just plain silly.

And thanks to dement1a I have been able to watch the last season of BSG ... wow, what an ending.

I'm not sure what I am working my way through next. I do have the Babylon 5 sets ...
The joyful day!

The weekend

I'm off (like that's a surprise) to Toyboat practice on Saturday, and then I may hang out after for some sort of music thingy. I dunno, the folks I am staying with seem to have some sort of quasi-musical gathering once a month, I'm not sure what it's all about.

So what's going on with you this weekend?
The joyful day!


More about Farscape. I thought that Zhaan looked familiar, even through the blue makeup. And I knew I knew the name.

She's the Warrior Woman from Mad Max 2.