July 21st, 2009



Toyboat is heading to Pittsburgh this weekend for a show at Confluence.

So, who is going to be there? I am fairly certain there are folks on my friends list who I have not met who are from that area.

Speaking of which, I am from that area.

If you have ever seen me do my song Don't Go Home, then you know the story about how every place I lived as a kid has been torn down. There is one exception to this (there may be two, but I have never been back to Buffalo to find out).

The finger on the right points to the house I lived in when I was in kindergarten, the one on the left was my Grandparents house.

I intend to drive though on my way out of town Sunday.
The joyful day!

Warehouse 13

is anyone else watching this?

I've watched the first two episodes so far (ep3 is tonight) and so far I love it.

It makes me think of that episode of the X-Files that they would do every so often that would be very funny, but in a fairly dark sort of way. Except it's been every episode.

edit Expect that there may be spoilers in the comments.
The joyful day!


How Can I Miss You?
FPN - which flopped almost totally

and a second set
I Got Nothing - my Mahtowa song for this year, about my current lack of songwriting ability
Low Self Esteem
WYSIWYG - a request ... from some guys who used to come to the Boheme

All in all a pretty good night, even if FPN didn't do as well as it has. The new song works, but needs some tweaking.