October 27th, 2009

The joyful day!

Me Me Me ... geeze ...

I forget sometimes.

Congratulations to all the Pegasus Award winners.

Best Filk Song: The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster by Brooke Lunderville
Best Classic Filk Song: Still Catch the Tide by Talis Kimberley
Best Performer: Heather Dale / Ben Deschamps
Best Writer/Composer: Vixy & Tony
A Little Bit Country: Stray Dog Man by Bill Sutton
A Little Bit Rock and Roll: Six-String Love by Vixy & Tony (Vixy is very cute when she wins an award)

It was all well deserved. A couple of the categories were an easy vote for me, a couple of them really really weren't. I won't tell you how many winners I voted for, cause I just won't.

Oh ...

And I was told this weekend that the band is showing up in someone's book. I won't say who, cause I'm just mean (that doesn't keep someone else from telling in comments), but how many writers who filk put people she knows in her books?