May 2nd, 2010



Here's what we played last night.
Bold Marauder
Sunset Boulevard
Reach For The Stars
Rocket Launcher/Gimmie Shelter?
Zombie Mama
Banned From Argo (with special guests the Penguicon All Geek Chorus)
Would You Like To Play A Game? (see above)

Thank you all of you for the help, you're why we do this.
The joyful day!

The long drive home

I have not arrived home from Penguicon. I'm currently stranded in Ottawa in a very nice Holiday Inn. The Ford dealership is right across the street and hopefully I will have an answer as to what is wrong with my car in the morning. Now I am calling my asshole credit card company who get pissy when I use the card away from home without telling them. All I want is a pizza delivered.