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Eric's House Of Ego

June 30th, 2010

June 30th, 2010
02:24 pm


Adventures in driving
I had a flat tire Sunday, and since I had been told that I needed to replace them pretty soon, I decided to do that Monday (I had 109,000 on them, pretty darn good). Since I was driving on one of the donut tires, and I had to go to DSM to get the tires (weirdly enough, the dealership gave me a GREAT deal) I took all back roads. I was driving along the Slater road, which is very straight, very flat and rarely busy. The fastest I could comfortably go was about 50. About halfway down to DSM I guy came up in back of me, not quite tailgating, but too close, and followed me like that for a mile or two. There was no other traffic on the road. After awhile he passed me. He seemed to enjoy this so much, he continued to pass imaginary cars for, well, as long as he was in my sight. I'm guessing that the reason he followed me for so long was to make sure that I was indeed real, and the oncoming traffic was imaginary. After that he had problems working out what was real and what wasn't so he just took his chances.


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