July 5th, 2010

The joyful day!

How not to get the story straight

There are three versions of the story as to why Toyboat wasn't going to get sound support. Next year's conchair says

"Also I did not specifically target Toy Boat to loose the sound equipment. In my opinion Jan had so run a volunteer group into the ground I could not, in good heart, ask them to stay. I told them that at the end of Saturday pull the plug and pack it up. They being the stand up people they are told me they wanted to finish the con to be fair to all the filk participants. I then said I was proud of them for being more tolerant than myself. "

His wife said

"I'm sorry about the problem with your Husbands band almost going on with only 2 mikes. The truth is that. because someone went behind the programing the the conchair's back and extended Talis concert, there was going to be no time to set up for Masquerade. Because Talis cut her show short, we were able to keep the equipment up for your Husbands band and still have enough time to set up for the Masquerade.".

The masquerade was Saturday night, we were Sunday morning, and were using a completely different sound system.

Megan told me that she was told to not give us sound support (all we needed was a board and two mikes) but she was going to anyway, and may get in trouble for doing so.

It will be interesting to see which story they decide to stick to.