September 23rd, 2010

The joyful day!

Sometimes you don't know what you're saying

It wasn't too long ago that I said, fairly regularly, that I would never play electric guitar again.

We can all see how well that worked for me. I bought a new one this week and it has opened up my playing again. I've been very much in that rabid punk strum thing on the songs I play with Toyboat. There is a certain sound needed there, and I can certainly supply it.

I knew that Cheshire Moon needed a more subtle sound and more intricate playing.

I haven't owned a Strat in years, close to 20, and playing her has just sent me off the edge of the world again. I had forgotten how many voices a Strat can have. I'm running all around the neck and swapping pickups around.

So far she has been in two different tunings, Open D (DADF#AD) and DADGAD. It's amazing how that half step changes the entire feel. I approach each differently. Open D tends to be about big chiming chords and finger picking and DADGAD, well, DADGAD is starting to open up in my mind. I'm starting to improvise again for the first time in probably 6 months.

Right now my gear is upstairs here at work, so on my breaks I go and play. I must remember to not ignore my walking and workout. It's kinda hard at the moment.